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From the Greek micro meaning small, and bíos meaning life.

Living on and inside the human body is a community of trillions of microorganisms. These microbiota include bacteria, bacteriophage, fungi, viruses, parasites, and archaea.

An Integral Piece of the Body's Ecosystem

Most of the trillions of microbes that comprise this community are not harmful. In fact, microbes perform many essential functions such as digesting food in order to generate nutrients for host cells, synthesizing vitamins, generating signaling molecules, influencing neurotransmitters and metabolism, metabolizing drugs, detoxifying carcinogens, stimulating renewal of cells in the gut, activating and supporting the immune system.

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Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics, Bacteriophage

There's More To Microbiome Health Than Just Probiotics

You've likely heard of probiotics, and are familiar with the benefits of taking probiotics. But this is not the end of the story. To support optimal microbial diversity, prebiotics, postbiotics, synbiotics, and bacteriophage are also essential.

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Skin Microbiome

Skin Microbiome

As the largest organ of the body, healthy skin is important to overall health. MYBYOME's skin system provides essential prebiotics, probiotics, and bacteriophage to balance the skin biome, improve overall skin health, epidermal immunity, and address various skin-related issues.

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Immune Microbiome

IMMUNO BYOME for Immune System Health

The microbiome educates, protects, maintains homeostasis, and provides unique immune modulation. IMMUNO BYOME and IMMUNO PRE-BYOME contain a patent pending formula of essential prebiotics and probiotics that play an essential role in promoting a healthy, robust immune system.

Terrain Microbiome

TERRA BYOME for Healthy Microbial Terrain

Soil-based probiotics are bacteria that are naturally found in the earth and are beneficial to the human microbiome terrain. MYBYOME's TERRA BYOME and TERRA SUPERFOOD deliver more than 30 botanical supernutrients, a feat hard to match with diet alone.

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Begin Your Journey to Microbiome Health & Wellness With MYBYOME

MYBYOME's years of research have led to patented processes and formulas uniquely designed to improve microbiome health and overall wellness. Learn more about the human microbiome, or contact us to begin your journey to microbiome health today.

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